Wae Rebo, The Most Beautiful Village In The World

A unique traditional village located at ± 1126m above sea level which is surrounded by a green mountainous landscape and consists of seven conical shaped Manggaraian traditional houses. The rich biodiversity in the forest, especially of birds and different plants along the way, makes the hike to the village with its welcoming inhabitants more adventurous and memorable. Respect the local values by showing respect and behaving appropriately.
How to get there:

Wae Rebo is located southwest of Ruteng, the approximate distance is ± 76,2km driving through Golo lusang, Iteng, Papang, Wae Wela, Cabang Papang, Dintor, and ending in Denge. The hike to Wae Rebo from Denge is around ± 6.5km